Top Tips for a successful MakerSpace

Gratnells MakerSpace trolley

In STEAM subjects, investigation and experimentation are an important part of learning, building confidence and inquisitiveness. Practical experience is already proven to have greater learning outcomes and better retention amongst students than structured teaching and lecture models, bringing the theoretical to life.

Teaching and learning through STEAM activities can take many formats, but all serve as a gathering point for tools, projects, mentors, and expertise. Activities can be personalised to any project that involves group collaboration - from coding and robotics to woodworking and art projects to science and engineering experiments. 

Discover the new range of children’s learning posters from Eureka!

new range of children’s learning posters from Eureka

Trusted schools brand Eureka! has launched a new range of fun learning posters designed for children from 2-12 years on its website

The “Know Your” posters cover a range of topics suited for younger children including animals,numbers, shapes, colours and seasons, as well as an older-children’s range that focuses on learning goals such as multiplication, addition and telling the time.

Printed in bright eye-catching colours the range is designed to attract and hold a child’s attention and make your learning environment look exciting and fun. There are even 3D versions to encourage child interaction within the classroom.

More pupils would benefit from implementing trauma-informed practice

School pupils in a classroom

Sarah Gillett, Chief Executive of ACE Schools Multi Academy Trust, an alternative provision and special school provider in the South West

At our Trust, we are always looking to innovate to ensure we are continuing to provide the very best possible educational standards for our pupils, whilst also delivering the high-quality social and emotional support they need. 

One key aspect of this is the implementation of trauma-informed principles across all our sites, including Courtlands Special School, particularly where pupils have experienced exceptionally high levels of trauma.

Inspiration Rover project encouraging children into the world of STEM

Children doing a STEM experiment

Twelve young people recently enjoyed a day at Leicester’s award-winning National Space Centre, celebrating their STEM achievements as part of educational outreach project Inspiration Rover.

The project, which was led by mature student Henry Bennett from the University of Derby with support from fellow undergraduates, academics and alumni, saw the young people involved help develop a scale model of the Mars Science Laboratory Rover using a design from NASA Jet Propulsion Labs.

Autism’s Got Talent 2019

Participants of Autism’s Got Talent

Audience blown away at Autism’s Got Talent as children and adults with autism demonstrate what they CAN do at the Mermaid Theatre

Standing ovations were the name of the game at this year’s Autism’s Got Talent when children and adult performers with autism from across the UK, Ireland and India came together to showcase their talent and to demonstrate what they CAN do on stage at The Mermaid Theatre, London. 

Minimum time for outdoor play at school is key to improving children’s mental health

Children participating in outdoor play at school

A coalition of organisations led by Learning through Landscapes is calling on headteachers to make 60 minutes of playtime the absolute minimum for every child on every school day. The charity, which leads the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) Outdoor Classroom Day campaign, says that a sufficient amount of time to play outdoors as part of the school day is the single most important thing that schools can do to tackle the growing crisis of mental health issues in children and young people. 

The bell needs to ring on old tech in schools

Children using old tech in schools
Article by Simone Martorina, business manager VI, Epson UK 

They say our school years are the best of our lives, and it is remarkable how fast they pass, so it is undoubtedly integral that teachers and pupils get the absolute most out of them. The methods of teaching are constantly evolving too, with technology increasingly embraced in classrooms up and down the country. With time in education so precious, it is important that not a second is needlessly lost – and using old, outdated tech is doing exactly that.

Lost time

Little Sutton Primary School Celebrates Cross Country Success

Students from Little Sutton Primary School Celebrates Cross Country Success

Children from Little Sutton C of E Primary School are celebrating their success at the recent 2019 Ellesmere Port and Neston Cross Country Finals. The Cheshire school, located on Berwick Road in Little Sutton, picked up three awards with year 3/4 boys taking the trophy for first place, year 5/6 boys receiving a runners up certificate and the girls team narrowly missing out on the placings. Little Sutton C of E Primary School also took the trophy for best overall performing school, based on the accumulated points from each individual child.

Only a third of parents feel confident helping their children with homework

Stressed parent helping her daughter with her homework

Only a third (33%)of parents feel confident helping their child with homework, according to new research by Oxford Home Schooling.

The study, carried out by the home education provider, looked into parents’ attitudes towards their children’s homework, and tested their knowledge with some typical Year 3 homework questions, written in collaboration with primary school teacher, Victoria Humphreys.

Of 1,000 parents surveyed, just one in sixteen (6%) managed to answer all three of the homework questions correctly, which were taken from the Key Stage Two syllabuses for English, maths and science. 

Captain Fantastic launches Feeling Fantastic

Captain Fantastic - Feeling Fantastic Wellness Class

Captain Fantastic is excited to announce the launch of Feeling Fantastic – the highly anticipated Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Resilience classes designed specifically for KS1 and KS2 children, to help them understand their feelings and develop life skills to manage their emotions.

Each year, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK suffers from a mental health problem and 75% of all mental illnesses start before the age of 18*. Captain Fantastic believe that creating well-balanced and healthy children who can learn to manage their emotions is equally as important to getting good grades, if not more. Their aim is to help every child to live a happy and well-balanced life.