Advantages of using technology in classrooms

In today’s age, learning opportunities for students is forever increasing, whether it’s researching information online, or using the latest software programs and tools. Access to information is becoming easier and easier, thanks to classroom technology highly progressing forward.

Comparing to old traditional times and methods, classroom technology has really advanced making it easier when gaining information. Easily access technology at your fingertips, whether you need any programs, tools or receiving information, all can be done instantly and even when you’re away from the computer, smart phones and tablets are able to provide access on the go for students.

There are lots of productive ways students of all ages can learn and develop their skill, through the latest classroom technology developments.

Today’s classrooms

Classrooms technology like iPads and tablets are the most up to date technology. They are great for students to benefit from, for them to physically hold, touch and swipe through their work is a great interactive and attention grabber. The simple user interface can easily be picked up by all ages, and touch screen tablets incorporate a different style of teaching for students.

iPads and tablets have made an interactive way of teaching, helping students be more engaged with their work. Pen to paper is essential in many ways, being able to develop your literature and hand writing is crucial for many aspects later in life. But what about developing your technology skills at the same time?

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Interactive ways

Generally, the feeling is that teaching can be made fun with technology, more interactive and appealing. Teachers are able to direct individual learning needs with the aid of technology. The latest software programs and online information we have today, can target key areas for students to learn and drive focus towards.

What do you feel the biggest advantages technology has in schools? A recent survey by an online label company Data label have carried out a recent survey on the biggest advantages students have in schools, when using technology.

Top advantages:

  • Developing modern skills 32%
  • Access to learning resources and tools 29%
  • Instant access to information 18%
  • Enhanced traditional ways of teaching 8%
  • Opportunity for individual learning 6%
  • Special needs education support 5%

Fascinatingly, 53% of the older generation leaned more towards the abilities of having instant access to information, whereas 44% of the younger generation said developing modern skills. It’s interesting to see two different generations giving their responses and the angle given.

Other responses gathered that make up the last 2%, stated, they completely agree and support the idea of technology in schools but only when used in moderation.

The aspects of what technology can do and provide us is an astonishing factor, from the way we communicate to everyday work tasks, times have truly move forward. Rewinding back to book sharing days and only having one I.T lesson per week, to now having the useful benefits of technology lessons more often and having the latest tech implemented into classrooms such as iPads and tablets.

Everyone learns in different forms of ways, whether it’s by visual elements such as images presented or by listening to explanations given, or through physical forms of action, such as hand movements. Technology can highlight certain areas for better use and understanding for students.

For more information about the advancement of classroom technology please view the survey conducted by​

March 8, 2018

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