Innovative teaching helps students overcome hurdles

PiXL Edge helps teachers and students to develop attitudes and skills that will help them in life and beyond.  We can easily take life-skills like booking train tickets or opening a bank account for granted. To most, they might seem simple, but if you haven’t been shown or been given the confidence, these everyday tasks can suddenly become a hurdle in life. 

Students at Ashcroft have significant barriers in life. Many have struggled to cope in education because of their mental health or life experiences and 46% of students are looked-after children. As part of their work to ensure their students develop essential life skills to help overcome these barriers, Ashcroft have signed up to the PiXL Edge programme.

Working around the five attributes of leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication students will capture how they display these qualities in their everyday activities.

Nathan, who is 17-years old, has been learning how to identify when he is using these skills in extra-curricular activities.

He said: PiXL Edge

“We’ve been finding out how we show these skills in the things that we do. For example in Duke of Edinburgh, I had to read the map to make sure we were heading the right way. This was using my leadership skills. I’ve also been showing organisation, initiative and resilience skills by organising a trip to Manchester for my class.”

Not only has Nathan been looking at the logistics of the trip, he and his fellow students have successfully raised the funds themselves. Baking and selling cakes to students and staff at Together Trust has helped to raise £85 towards their trip.

To help with their vital money management skills Anja Hopkins, PiXL Edge programme leader, invited Barclays life skills team to deliver a series of workshops with her students.

“How to open a bank account, understand tax and prepare for an interview are skills which will hugely benefit our students for the future. The workshop and the PiXL Edge programme helps our students to overcome some of the challenges they may be facing socially and emotionally. It gives them an equal chance in life.”

Nate from Barclays LifeSkills said:

“We are delighted to be supporting the work that Ashcroft to do help develop vital skills and confidence which will help their students in life and in work.”

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May 17, 2018

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