How to deliver an exceptional PE curriculum for all abilities

Ronnie Heath is Managing Director of Create Development. Here, he discusses the benefits of delivering an excellent PE curriculum for children of all abilities…

Why do we want children to do PE? To encourage and enable lifelong participation; to help young people maximise their potential; to develop a range of life and learning skills that can also support whole school aims.

So what are the skills and abilities children need to achieve these outcomes? Physical skills of course, but also their confidence to move and be active, how they cope when things get difficult, how they engage with, support and learn from others, whether they can solve problems, come up with their own ideas, evaluate their own and others’ performance to name a few.

Early progress in the A, B, Cs of agility, balance and coordination provide an essential platform. However, it is self-determination theory that provides the radical common sense. Autonomy and belonging need to be added to that competence to provide an alternative essential A, B, C base for building positive core memories. PE curriculum - a screenshot from the Youtube video of children in a PE lesson

Our responsibility therefore is to provide the learning nutrition that shifts ownership and control, creates an environment that gives them a real sense of belonging and a framework of progressive personalised challenges that they can explore and adapt. Of course, we should stretch and support the most able and provide opportunity for challenge at all levels but that has to start with empathy and understanding of all children. To put it simply, every child feeling valued, included, challenged and supported.

Our new learning platform, Jasmine, supports teachers to switch their focus from teaching PE to enabling EVERY child to develop the physical, emotional and thinking skills they need to flourish through PE. With Jasmine, teachers can access a wealth of resources, including interactive and flexible lesson plans. Schools can also try out our innovative approach to PE for free!

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April 2, 2019

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