Guest blog: ‘Start With Heart’ – how to inspire purposeful decision making in others

Guest blog: ‘Start With Heart’

By Faye Kilgour

‘Start With Heart’ is a passionate concept with a simple, direct purpose. Let’s walk you through what it means to us at Graydin and then share how transformative we have seen it to be in education and beyond.

So, what does Start With Heart mean?

When we want to make a choice –whether as a result of feeling stuck in a rut, frustrated or even joyful – we often jump straight to looking at our options. Science suggests, and from our experience we have learned, that it’s critical to first reflect and spend time in what we are calling Heart.

Blockbuster films and The Big Friendly Read – how books are making this summer autism friendly

Blockbuster films and The Big Friendly Read – how books are making this summer autism friendly

As some of our favourite literary characters hit the big screen, one charity is asking their autism friendly cinema guests to visit their local library and spread the autism friendly message.

Building on the success of their monthly autism friendly cinema screenings, learning disability and autism support provider, Dimensions, launched autism friendly libraries in partnership with the Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians. 

By providing training and resources, they hope to see libraries across the country making a few simple adjustments to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for their guests on the autistic spectrum.

 Guest blog: Ensuring excellence in staff induction

By Denise Inwood, former assistant head and managing director of BlueSky, creators of BlueSky Education  – online performance management, professional learning and self-evaluation solution for schools, shares how schools can ensure excellence in staff induction.

The most valuable asset of a school is its staff and ensuring successful introductions of new colleagues into the organisation is a critical process. Getting induction right ensures staff are confident in their practice, effective in their performance and impact on learners as rapidly and positively as possible.

The importance of effective induction

Guest blog; The secrets of schools over summer

By estates manager Tom Allardice, Loughborough Endowed Schools, in Leicestershire

As children enjoy the holidays and teachers take a well-earned break, it’s easy to think that schools stand still over the summer months. However, the reality is that the end of term means one thing: an opportunity for upkeep and improvements to the grounds and facilities. Staff at Loughborough Endowed Schools in Leicestershire are busier than ever making the most of a quieter campus ahead of the new term....