Playing it safe: why schools should adopt an innovate mindset to realise the power of play

Children in the park using the power of play

Only by switching to an “innovative mindset” will schools realise the true power of play, is the advice being given by Playinnovation founder and industry expert, Marco Boi. 

Although schools are becoming more open to investing in less traditional and more forward-thinking sport and play areas, Marco says there’s still work to be done to change an outdated perception of play in the education sector, and for teachers and governing bodies to realise the full range of health and social benefits that can be achieved by going beyond the status quo.

Discovery and Science Mad

Discovery and Science Mad

Hugely appealing to the STEM-conscious family, the 'Discovery' and 'Science Mad' range of toys from Trends UK encourage children to have fun outdoors and learn from the natural world!

The Discovery Pocket Scope (£9.99rrp) is a wonderful introcuction to the micro world of mother nature. A handheld microscope for outdoor investigation, the Pocet Scope opens up the garden to an unlimited number of fantastic finds and educational marvels. The Nightlight Illuminated Globe (£19.99rrp) is a superb educational nightlight, showing the world, its seas and oceans, countries and capital cities; perfect for learning abouyt planet Earth while dropping off to sleep!

Does a rise in Patience signal a more intelligent society?

Does a rise in Patience signal a more intelligent society?

"Patience is the mental equivalent of jogging: its purpose is to tone the brain up and get rid of unsociable mental flabbiness." David Parlett, Penguin Book of Patience (1979)

Patience, the card game often referred to by its American name, Solitaire, has risen in popularity markedly since 2008 according to Google Trends. It is set to soon overtake poker as one of the most popular online games, which is astounding since poker had a humongous peak in popularity back in 2005 overtaking all other card games.




We have been selling quality school plays to English speaking schools around the world for 15 years. Since Playstage Junior started in 2002, our plays have been performed by English-speaking primary schools and youth groups in 43 countries! And we are always reaching new markets

Many of our customers come back time and time again because they know that our plays are fun and audiences adore them. Teachers love the plays because they are so easy to purchase and download and we give teachers and youth leaders full production notes that offer invaluable help with props, sound effects, scenery and costumes.

Inclusivity Festivals Inspire Over 2,500 Children


More than 30,960 boccia balls have been thrown and 200 seated volleyball games taken place in a bid to get primary school children across the UK thinking about how they can be more inclusive at school.

There are around 770,000 children in the UK living with disabilities - equal to around one in 20 children. National children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust and Allianz Insurance are celebrating a successful partnership which brought together 2,580 young people with and without Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND).

Since June 2017, a national series of 20 mixed-ability, inclusive, multi-sport festivals have been held in the UK to build on the legacy of the Paralympics and ensure all children have access to sport and physical activity.

Teaching techniques for learning outside the classroom

 Teaching outside the classroom

Research has shown that the typical classroom — consisting of desks and chairs facing a whiteboard on the wall, might not be the most effective learning environment. We know that it is certainly not the only learning environment either. 

For many children, when they are not at school, they spend their ‘down time’ indoors playing games and using tablets as opposed to playing outdoors with their friends, like previous generations. Introducing outdoor play at school provides them with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and engage with nature.

Playgrounds and special needs: how play supports disabled children’s learning

Children playground

As you’ll remember from your own childhood memories, playgrounds are a place for children to adventure and explore with their friends. They offer numerous benefits in terms of helping children socialise and get active, but could they also support learning for disabled children?

Sensory playground equipment specialists Infinite Playgrounds discusses the current accessibility of UK playgrounds and the potential benefits they can bring for disabled children.

Disabled access to playgrounds in the UK

Musical Sensory Garden

Musical Sensory Garden

Percussion Play Reveals the Secrets to Building the Perfect Musical Sensory Garden


UK-based outdoor musical instrument manufacturer Percussion Play details how to build inclusive spaces that allow everyone to experience music and nature, with a specialist guide to building a musical sensory garden.

Percussion Play has built musical instruments for parks, playgrounds and schools all around the world – and now, they’re sharing their specialist knowledge on sensory gardens.

In the free guide, the UK’s leading outdoor musical instrument manufacturer showcases their tips on planning, planting and percussion so that everyone can enjoy music, sound and the great outdoors.

Jump Support at Jump 360, the North East’s premier trampoline park

Jump 360

Everyone is welcome to bounce at Jump 360! Jump Support is our session dedicated for individuals with additional needs or disabilities. 


Children and grown-ups can also enjoy giant foam pits, dodgeball courts and basketball slam-dunk lanes as well as trying their hand at a brand-new over hang rock climbing activity, which can’t be found anywhere else in the North East. Other exciting features include foam pit slides, rope ladders, log rolls and Aero Ball (think volleyball on the trampoline) as well as a designated area where Under 5s can bounce safely. This special area for mini-bouncers includes a toddler area and soft-play frame.


Playground equipment: why wood is superior to metal

Playground equipment

When it comes to design, the two main priorities of a playground are its focus on safety and sustainability. For children using them, they aren’t as concerned about the design of the playground, but more concerned about how fun and interactive the play area is. So, when designing a play area, it is important to consider safety, sustainability and fun. When combining these things – wooden equipment is superior to all others. 

Developing a playground