How coloured radiator covers can be used in autism education environments

Coloured radiator covers in clinical setting

Colour psychology studies how hues can impact the human behaviour. This is vital in an autism specialist unit or school. This is due to senses normally being heightened and behaviours closely monitored by onlooking staff.
As well as supplying low surface temperature radiators, Contour also supply anti-ligature radiator covers which have numerous additional safety benefits. This can make an excellent choice for an autism unit. 

SMART Technologies launches new interactive display with tool sensing

SMART Technologies 6000s board

The SMART Board® 6000S series for classrooms, which will be unveiled at Bett this month, is SMART’s first display to include ToolSense™, a unique technology that lets people engage with the board using a new range of tactile objects. The technology adds an extra level of interactivity to the device, particularly beneficial when teaching STEM subjects, or for students with different learning styles.

EnviroGo Mobile Recycling Bin is on the Move

EnviroGo bin

New from Leafield Environmental is the EnviroGo, a range of stylish recycling bins that make waste segregation at source an even easier proposition. 

The distance between the place where recyclate is generated and that from where it is collected can be substantial. Mixed recyclate may be manageable but glass or paper weigh heavy and is not easy to transport.

The EnviroGo addresses this problem by having a front, moulded-in handle and two non-marking wheels that provide excellent mobility and manoeuvrability, removing the need for carrying heavy sacks to a point of disposal. 

Pod classrooms designed with additional needs in mind

Pod classrooms

Pupils from Mid Wales with additional needs associated with autism have debuted innovative new pod classrooms, designed with their additional learning needs in mind.
The IAD Company has flipped the conventional portable classroom approach to additional learning space on its head with the design and installation of six groundbreaking classroom pods at Ty Bronllys, near Brecon.
As the brainchild of the award-winning company, the pods are among the first of their kind designed specifically for students with complex needs associated with autism.

School’s Out(side) for All: Donated Wheelchair Macs make Playtime Inclusive

Children in wheelchair Macs at Castle School

It’s a sad reality that schools nationwide are feeling the bite of long term budget cuts, putting even basic services and routine maintenance at risk.
Nowhere is the impact more cruelly felt than specialist faculties such as Cambridge’s Castle School, a registered charity providing complete care for children with complex physical, mental, behavioural and learning disabilities.
With a higher ratio of specially trained staff to pupils, current allocations often only just cover the salary bills.  This leaves little for essential disability equipment such as hoists, motorised scooters, and wheelchairs, plus sensory aids including therapy balls and toys.

Gratnells Maker family products a hit at Knights Templar School 

Gratnells Maker family products at Knights Templar School 

The Knights Templar School in Baldock opened its doors in September 1939 with 182 local and evacuee children on the roll. Today it is a modern, government funded academy serving 1300 students. It is consistently rated amongst the top 10 schools in the UK and the core curriculum and after-school clubs provide a strong focus on STEAM subject areas.

Raising awareness of Fire Door Safety Week 2019

Fire door safety week logo

Leading safety signage organisation, SafetySigns4Less, is ramping up awareness activity in support of Fire Door Safety Week 2019. 

Fire Door Safety Week was launched in 2013 in response to a legacy of fire door neglect. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the crucial role that fire doors play in protecting property and saving life, as well as increasing education on the proper maintenance and operation of fire doors to ensure their correct function in case of emergency.

How To Create & Increase Space In Classrooms

Literacy Loft - How To Create & Increase Space In Classrooms

How To Create & Increase Space In Classrooms

Primary School Classroom Lofts – 25% off (September offer)

Are you a primary school looking to increase your interior classroom space for learning & play? Educational Play are offering a ‘Back to School’ Promotion –25% off our Classroom Lofts for orders taken in September, pricing includes delivery and installation! *

Classroom Lofts’ add a new and exciting dimension to your classroom. As well as providing additional Classroom space, our Lofts provide a wonderful structure for a range of role play opportunities. 

Amongst other things our Lofts have been dressed up as Shops, as Caves and as Ships! They have also been used as quiet reading areas and numeracy corners.

Enhancing school site safety

Enhancing school site safety with road a "20 is plenty" road sign

Site safety is an integral part of any school health & safety plan. Children are often faced with dangers that are out of the control of the school, however, too close to not be part of the site safety planning. Examples of this are speeding drivers and drivers who park too close to the school entrance/exit. Although the school cannot physically control the irresponsible actions of drivers, there are products available, that if thoughtfully placed, can serve as reminders and help to reduce the risk of harm to pupils.