What a Difference Five Minutes Make

Research shows that children learn best when their self-esteem is preserved, and they are able to build up skills at their own pace. The Five Minute Literacy Box and The Five Minute Number Box have been designed as an early teaching system and screening tool for the detection of dyslexia, dyscalculia, and general learning difficulties in primary school aged children.

The need for simple steps learning, linked to a regular, consistent, multi-sensory style of teaching is behind the development of the Five Minute Literacy Box and Number Boxes.

Nationwide’s new catalogue is key to effective distribution

The Nationwide Hygiene Group has now released their new cleaning and hygiene supplies catalogue. It includes the latest innovative products with yet further additions to the highly successful Clean and Clever product range. Nationwide continues to work closely with their key manufacturing partners to include not only innovative but also ecologically friendly products.

The Magic Belt series – engage your struggling reader

The Magic Belt Series

The Magic Belt series is a phonic reading series for catch-up readers ages 8-14. This award-winning series is published by Phonic Books, a specialist publisher of phonic books and resources. Phonic Books have recognised that older, struggling readers need age-appropriate reading materials that will build their reading skills and confidence. It has published a whole range of reading books for struggling readers that will engage and hook pupils as they learn to read.


Jiraffe have introduced the newly revamped 3:1 Jenx Multistander for 2015. The Multistander now comes in 2 sizes and can provide standing support for children from 9 months (Size 1) up to 13 years (Size 2)!   The Multistander is an incredibly versatile product that provides Supine, Prone and Upright positioning all in one product.  It has a new, fresh, white frame option and a range of six bright colours for the support boards.  The easy to clean polyurethane boards contain an antimicrobial agent that helps keep it hygienic– ideal for busy families and making it easy for re-issue for schools and centres.  The new white frame makes it easy to spot spills and clean before they become hazardous, whilst the compact footprint means it fits in even the smallest of family homes.