National Audit Office report on support for children with SEND

Council for Disabled Children statement on new National Audit Office report on support for children with SEND

Dame Christine Lenehan, Director of the Council for Disabled Children (part of the National Children’s Bureau), said:

“The National Audit Office has provided stark evidence of the growing numbers of children with complex needs and EHCPs. It is also clear that funding has not risen to meet these children’s needs, placing intolerable strain on school and local authority budgets. Even the extra cash promised for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in the education spending settlement will be insufficient to match the scale of the Two children with SENDchallenge.

“But the noise about money in the system is drowning out the need for a clear, inclusive vision of education which fully meets the needs of children wherever they are educated.

“In particular, pressure on special schools is leaving many with very limited aspirations for the children they look after. And hard-pressed mainstream schools look to strict behaviour policies to solve the problems of children that often have their root in impairment, mental health or deprivation.”

September 25, 2019

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