Consort Claudgen Low Surface Temperature Heating Specialists

Consort Claudgen’s range of low surface temperature heaters are designed to minimise the risk of burn injuries as they have a maximum surface temperature of 43°C, complying with Department of Health’s guidelines. They are perfect for environments with vulnerable people such as children and elderly residents; and therefore ideal for schools, kindergartens, nurseries, retirement homes, hospitals and anywhere where safety is paramount. The LST range includes towel rails, panel heaters and wall-mounted fan heaters, well suited for both commercial and domestic use.

Their wireless controlled range, which combine the new innovative CRX1 wireless controller* and RX heaters, offer many benefits and energy saving features. They are very easy to install and operate, offering efficient control of one or more heaters, six temperature settings per day, seven-day heating programmes per week, and major energy savings through the reduction of energy consumption as the temperature reaches its set target. The wireless controlled heating system also features different operating modes including a 15-minutes Boost with temperature control to provide the maximum comfort quickly.

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All Consort Claudgen products carry a one year warranty and backed by nationwide customer care service that provides full spares service and field support. Their dedicated team of professionals are on hand to give technical guidance and offer free advice on heating schemes. For further details, visit, email: or call 01646 692172.

  • All wireless controlled products requires a separately purchased CRX1 wireless controller.

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