Cost Effective CPD for schools and teachers:

Why the Language Show is where professional development is heading 


What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development enables teachers to maintain and enhance knowledge and skills to the benefit of their careers by improve pupil’s attainment.  Seen as a highly valuable activity, CPD keeps you up-to-date with the newest advances in the industry, gives you access to leading seminars and displays your commitment to self-improvement. 


Why should I do it?

Attending these sessions can help:

  • Support high-quality professional development and teaching
  • Enhance your professional profile and your pupil’s attainment
  • Open new doors with additional professional skills
  • Increase your awareness of any changes and developments in the education sector and the national curriculum 
  • Direct your career and keep your eye on specific goals helping you better engage your students 
  • Complement your existing qualifications and experience

languages show

How can I gain access to the CPD seminars?

Every year the Language Show proudly curates an extensive, three day seminar programme offering the full quota of 7 CPD points and an official certificate to all attendees. These sessions are delivered by leading industry experts from around the world on a range of topics listed on the Language Show website, bringing together 53 seminars and 45 renowned speakers including Joe Dale, Helen Myers, Sue Leschen and Wendy Adeniji. 

Tickets start from as little as £10 and to register or find out more simply head over to


Tell me more about the Language Show

The Language Show is the largest of its kind in Europe and 2017 marks its 29th anniversary. This year the show will run from the 13th - 15th October at the Business Design Centre in Angel, London. On offer at the show is a wide range of features including an extensive CPD seminar programme, the Career Stage (alongside a CV clinic), the Piazza Stage where language meets cultural performance, the Travel Stage, the Start Up Stage promoting new exhibitors, multiple feature stages and a large range of exhibitors promoting their latest advice and industry guidance. Find out more on our website at


Register for tickets

If you’d like to come to the Language Show you can register for free entry tickets on our website and for access to the CPD seminar programme which starts from just £10.


Language Show London takes place on 13th -15th October 2017 at the Business Design Centre in Angel and is for anyone and everyone that has a passion for languages.

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August 22, 2017

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