Dash Dynamics

Dash Dynamics specialise in creating resin domed or bubble badges and one off graphics across a broad range of industries.

We are committed to producing top quality merchandise and can accommodate fast turnaround times.

Our graphics department are happy to either receive your print ready artwork or give you expert guidance and work with you to produce the designs and products you desire. We can create those quality, special badges and medallions that students will proud to


Have you a requirement for trophies for an event or reward? We have a wide variety of merchandise that can be produced according to your specific needs and budget.

Need inspirational artwork or one off teaching graphics? Then look no further. Dash Dynamics

Having issues bringing Maths to life? We specialise in producing educational, inspirational wall and floor graphics that encourage discovery learning, where learners can have fun whilst taking part in memorable teaching experiences.

These innovative teaching aids have already been implemented in schools and colleges with very positive feedback.

Do you need easy to apply self-adhesive door plaques? We make them to your individual requirements with appropriate text and images.

Want people to know who you are or what you do? Then how about a high quality resindomed name badge.

How about key ring identification? We can make you high quality key rings and even put on an individuals name or departments so everyone knows they are carrying their own set.

What about self-adhesive stickers to reward learners? e.g. best reader, most improved, best behaved, etc? 

Dash Dynamics At Dash Dynamics we have an innovative design team who’s inventive nature means they enjoy different challenges, so please feel free to drop us an email to info@dashdynamics.co.uk or give us a call on 01995 606 158.

We may be the answer to the difficult challenges of informing, inspiring and educating with supportive mind-set materials that help make learning a memorable and positive experience.

April 18, 2018

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