Raising awareness of Fire Door Safety Week 2019

Leading safety signage organisation, SafetySigns4Less, is ramping up awareness activity in support of Fire Door Safety Week 2019. 

Fire Door Safety Week was launched in 2013 in response to a legacy of fire door neglect. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the crucial role that fire doors play in protecting property and saving life, as well as increasing education on the proper maintenance and operation of fire doors to ensure their correct function in case of emergency.

From April 2018 to March 2019, firefighters were called to 182,825 fires in England alone. From these fires, 11,183 were reported in non-residential premises’ resulting in 9 fatalities and 905 non-fatal casualties1. These staggering figures highlight the importance of ensuring correct fire safety to reduce injury and loss of life. Fire doors play an integral role in minimising risk, but are unfortunately often neglected, downgraded or mismanaged throughout their service life. 

SafetySigns4Less has a range of products available to assist facilities managers with the correct marking and function of their fire doors. 


Fire door signs are a simple and cost-effective way of notifying users that the door is serving a dual purpose. They are simple to erect with self-adhesive options available and clearly instruct those using the door to ensure it is closed after use and clear of hazards. Fire door signs are available at www.SafetySigns4Less.co.uk from as low as 30p. Fire door safety week logo

Fire door retainers

Doors are often propped open without the thought of how this could impact the spread of fire in an emergency situation. Fire door retainers allow for fire doors to remain open in any position with the peace of mind that they will automatically release the door should the fire alarm sound.

All SafetySigns4Less products comply with relevant ISO and EN standards. A wider range of fire safety equipment, accessories and signage can be found online at http://www.SafetySigns4Less.co.uk/Safety-Essentials.

September 2, 2019

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