Five minute box

The Five Minute Literacy Box and Number Box are very manageable systems for helping children get started along the road towards literacy, and numeracy, and particularly for enabling the early identification of potential specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. It is an entirely multi- sensory approach, following a ‘hear it, see it, say it, write it’ approach for sounds, irregular keywords and generalised spelling. It gives children an opportunity to learn with confidence and enthusiasm; it also helps prevent those who struggle from being at the back of the line, tailing off and always having to play catch-up.

Both the Five Minute Literacy Box and Number Box work at the pace of each individual child, so can be used with children throughout Primary, and into secondary school. Progress is quick and easy to chart, for reporting to parents, and professionals. Learners with EAL, Speech, Language & Communication Needs, attention difficulties, and low self-esteem benefit from the short sessions and focused learning.

What’s in the boxes? Well it contains a surprising amount of resources for something so portable. All for £99.95 (+VAT & shipping) for each, which represents good value.

Five Minute Box & Number Box-1

Five Minute Box & Number Box-2

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