GFORCE makes its mark!

GFORCE Sportswear is a cutting edge brand developed by Gymphlex Ltd that boasts more than 100 years of experience producing high quality sportswear and leisurewear. Its fantastic range of technical, high performance customised kit harnesses the latest design and manufacturing technologies to create either fully-bespoke or ready-made sports kits giving schools and teams across the UK the cutting edge on the playing field.

Part of our offering is an exciting range which is aimed at the schools market. GFORCE Essentials provides cost effective sports kits to schools who are looking to create a bespoke look for its sporting teams. With seven designs across the more popular garments and availability in a core range of school colours, Essentials offers a cost effective way for schools to benefit from the performance and quality that has become associated with GFORCE Sportswear products. 

Simon Ward, Sales Director of GFORCE, said: “We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, affordable, multi-sport apparel with low order quantities and quick turnaround times. Essentials is ideal for schools who need to keep a careful eye on spend but also want to invest in the appearance of their students and sports teams.It allows schools and clubs to create their own unique sports kits and incorporates garments such as games shirts, t-shirts, shorts and skorts. It’s proving to be really popular and filling an important gap in the market.”GFORCE makes its mark!

“The GFORCE range and GFORCE Essentials are available for a multitude of sports including football, rugby, hockey and netball, swimwear, and gymnastics leotards.  Whether it be for schools, colleges universities or sports clubs, Sportswear helps make any team or school stand out from the crowd.”

From personalised t-shirts to shorts and striking training gear, GFORCE’s image consultation service, allows customers to creatively design their own kit from an exhaustive choice of colour combinations, fabrics and exciting styles. This means there is always a design to fit a school or club’s personality – no matter what type of garment is needed. In addition, the dye sublimation option provides unlimited colour choices, and the ability to use any images, patterns or logos within the design.

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December 14, 2018

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