Gratnells Engineering employee inspired to become STEM Ambassador  

Chloe Winyard joined Gratnells Engineering as Marketing Assistant in May 2017 and has seen first-hand the positive impact of promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing subjects to young people.

Historically known as the leading name in school storage in over 68 countries of the world (and the producer of the iconic Gratnells Tray) Gratnells Engineering has developed into a multi-sector manufacturer capable of providing high-volume laser cutting, powder coating and bespoke metal solutions to a wide range of customers. 

Chloe achieved STEM Ambassador status last year, making the decision to explore ambassadorship after being inspired by the impact and difference she has seen made since joining Gratnells Engineering, “This business has a long history of offering apprenticeship opportunities to students and last year I saw three apprentices convert into full-time members of staff” she said. “The time I have spent working in the business has convinced me of the importance of STEM in schools. I am determined to raise awareness and to help the next generation to discover what I have.”   

Chloe has continued Gratnells relationship with the F1 in Schools programme and recently presented the Star Quality Pit Display award at the F1 in Schools National Finals. “I was delighted to present this award based upon branding design and pit display technology” said Chloe, “Gratnells Engineering supports a number of STEM related activities and initiatives, including the F1 in schools project, Gratnells Engineering employee inspired to become STEM Ambassador  which was a big inspiration to me. To spend time with such inspiring, focused and intelligent young people is such a pleasure and I always come back with a brain full of ideas and inspiration.” 

Since obtaining STEM Ambassador status, Chloe has played a pivotal role in Gratnells Engineering supporting campaigns such as the Year of Engineering 2018, and most recently has developed some key relationships with educational institutions in the Harlow area, including BMAT STEM Academy. Gratnells Engineering have become a Gold Level sponsor to the school this year, which will see them provide support and opportunities for students to further their understanding of manufacturing and play a role in product development.   

The company will attend career events, give presentations and have already provided students with experiences such as tours of their impressive facilities – including the chance to see some of the exciting Powder Coating, Injection Moulding and Laser Cutting machinery that produces the classroom tools and equipment they see and use every day. 

In addition to her STEM Ambassador status, Chloe is now working towards a CIM qualification - further evidence she says, of her employer’s commitment to education, “By supporting my continued development, Gratnells Engineering are showing they truly believe in personal progression. If we continue to show the importance to keep learning ourselves, we hope we can inspire others to do the same.”


March 19, 2019

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