Liverpool Progressive School

Liverpool Progressive School offers high quality person centred education and, where required, residential provision for children and young people from the age of 8 – 19 years. We are co-educational and are the preferred provider for many leading authorities.

We promote our children’s learning via a wide range of experiences and activities including personal, social and health education and the development of leisure, independence and mobility skills.

Liverpool Progressive School is situated in an attractive location in the Liverpool suburb of Walton.

The School is close to many amenities, including Liverpool City Centre, and is easily accessible to surrounding areas with good motorway links.Liverpool Progressive School

The building opened in September 2000 as a result of an initiative to provide locally based, easily accessible, high quality learning experiences to children with severe and complex learning difficulties.

The School is staffed with a highly skilled and qualified team of professionals and resourced to offer a wide range of educational, medical and therapeutic resources for children and young adults who have complex needs, including learning difficulties and behaviours that are challenging or inappropriate in community settings. Staff are trained in both diffusion and breakaway techniques.

The School is co-educational and caters for pupils between the ages of 8–19 years.

Liverpool Progressive School Ethos

At Liverpool Progressive School we strive to provide the highest quality of education where inclusion, enrichment and progression enable achievement for all children.

Liverpool Progressive School Aims

To provide our pupils with an education that will meet their individual intellectual, interpersonal and social needs, fostering independence and preparation for a full active life.

To provide a safe and supportive environment in which pupils can be considered and developed as individuals.

To provide a secure, purposeful and calm environment where learning is an enjoyable experience.

To identify and offer the pupil’s preferred method of communication ensuring that effective skills are developed and used in all areas of activity.

To analyse the function of each pupil’s behavioural challenges and to seek to reduce the frequency and severity of such behaviour by the teaching of alternative and appropriate ways of achieving that function.

To apply appropriate psychological and physiological screening to identify factors that may exacerbate challenging behaviour and to seek to reduce these behaviours.

To extend the ‘Pupil Centred Planning’ process to include behavioural self- directed strategies, Individual Education and Skills Programmes and Care Plans that are monitored consistently and reviewed regularly.

To provide a broad, balanced relevant curriculum that acknowledges the pupil’s individual needs.

To provide ordinary life experiences within the community, accessing local networks.

To foster self-esteem, mutual respect and trusting relationships whilst promoting contact within the school with parents and significant others.

To ensure equality of opportunity irrespective of gender, race, disadvantage or disability.

We provide specialist support and quality opportunities through individualised learning programmes that are carefully matched to individual needs to secure positive outcomes for each student.

March 12, 2018

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