The Magic Belt series – engage your struggling reader

The Magic Belt series is a phonic reading series for catch-up readers ages 8-14. This award-winning series is published by Phonic Books, a specialist publisher of phonic books and resources. Phonic Books have recognised that older, struggling readers need age-appropriate reading materials that will build their reading skills and confidence. It has published a whole range of reading books for struggling readers that will engage and hook pupils as they learn to read.

The Magic Belt series comprises twelve beautifully illustrated books. The series combines step-by-step phonic progression with an action-packed quest. These are decodable books which children can read independently, at every stage, as they learn to read. Decodable books are now used as part of the new National Curriculum.

The first book in the series begins at CVC word reading level. The next book has text at CVCC level and so on. As the quest progresses, the children collect gems for the Magic Belt and this holds their attention and motivates them to ‘stick with the programme’!

The Magic Belt series

Designed by three reading specialists, the Magic Belt series has some unique educational features: - - A reading practice page allows children to practice the target words before they start reading the book. -A vocabulary page which explains new words in the text. This will enrich the reader’s language. -Words with more than one syllable are chunked for the reader at the bottom of the pages. This means that children are encouraged to read multi-syllabic words independently. - A comprehensive workbook complements the series. This is a very useful resource for teachers, teaching assistants and tutors. It offers a wide variety of activities word-building, reading and spelling, phoneme manipulation, comprehension, writing and punctuation activities.

Teachers have awarded the Magic Belt a silver medal in the Teacher Update awards for 2014. Here is what they are saying about the series:

“I’ve started using reading books from PhonicBooks.  In particular, the ‘catch-up’ range of books are great for students who are a bit older ... I showed the following book, ‘The Man in the Mist’ from the Magic Belt Series to my younger student. I was waiting for a response, ‘Uuggh do I have to read?’  But it didn’t come…..instead the boy’s eyes went wide, and he grabbed the book from my hand and started flipping through the pages.  We had a bit of a chat about the cover, what he thought the book may be about and how the book was set out. Well, he couldn’t wait to get started with the reading…. “ Melanie Creach, Top Notch Teaching website.

Other phonic series for catch-up readers published by Phonic Books are: Totem, Talisman, Alba and Rescue series. For more information and a free catalogue contact Phonic Books at:

or call 01666 822 543

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