MI.MU launches musical glove aimed at children’s education

The MINI.MU can be made by kids aged 8+ with no prior experience and aims to inspire young people to apply their creative minds to technology. Each kit contains everything needed to build a glove from scratch, encouraging children to learn to sew, engage in electronics and code. The MINI.MU is built using the educational microcomputer the Micro:bit designed by the BBC in the UK. Once constructed, each MINI.MU glove can be used by children to make music using the movement of their hands, using the sensors in the glove.

MI.MU Managing Director Adam Stark said: “We can’t wait to see what kids will do with the MINI·MU gloves. We want to support young people in exploring music, technology, creativity and making and hope the MINI·MU will do just that”.

Grammy award winning recording artist Imogen Heap added: “I’m so over the moon about the MINI·MU gloves getting out there into the hands of young creatives, makers and coders. It’s exciting to think that for some they will be their first explorations into this space and I for one will enjoy their creations as a constant source of inspiration. I wonder how differently I might make music had the MINI·MU been part of my formative years? Really looking forward to sharing the MINI.MU too at more stops on our music and tech world tour.”

To purchase a pair of the MINI.MU gloves, click on https://shop.pimoroni.com/
MI.MU musical glove
June 6, 2019

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