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Whether you are blind, partially sighted, dyslexic or have another disability, Calibre Audio Library brings the joy of audiobooks to everyone who is unable to access standard print.

Calibre was set up over 40 years ago by a mother whose partially sighted son struggled to read the printed word. To solve the problem, she set up an audio library so he could enjoy books just like his friends. Since then, Calibre Audio Library has grown into a national charity that has 14,000 members across the UK.

Why are audiobooks so important?

As well as providing pleasure, audiobooks enable children with dyslexia and other print disabilities to develop literacy skills and enhance their learningso they can reap the same rewards from reading as others.

Audiobooks can be used as a replacement to reading print or as a supplement. Regular reading along whilst listening allows the reader to make relationships between the sounds and print, improves word recognition and increases speed. 

What you read matters.

Struggling readers often have a comprehension age higher than their reading age. This means that audiobooks can be an equaliser. By bridging the gap between comprehension and reading levels, audiobooks can be an important tool in a child’s growth. 

‘I cannot tell you how valuable Calibre is to my son. He is dyslexic and can get very demoralised at the reading material given to him at school. Calibre has enabled him to read books by a wide range of authors that are appropriate to his Audiobook from Calibre Audio Libraryage and interest level. It has opened a world for him which he didn't think he would be able to access’

Calibre Audio Library

Our library has over 3,000 unique titles for children and young readers, grouped by key stage and study level for guidance. Young members can also borrow from the 8,000more in the main library (restrictions are in place on unsuitable material). These numbers are constantly rising: in 2018 we added 774 books to the library.

We offer a Group Membership for schools and other organisations for an annual subscription fee of £18 per user (inc. VAT). Alternatively, if you feel it better meets your needs you can buy individual lifetime memberships for a single one-off payment of £20 per child inc. VAT (£35 for over 16s).

Each membership includes a personalised service, 24 hour access to our library via the internet, unlimited borrowing, newsletters and updates on new books added to our library.

To join or for more information contact our membership services team:

01296 432339

‘We are so thankful to Calibre for the rich experience you provide to Zaki whose love of literature and the spoken word is made accessible to him despite his visual impairment. He is always so excited to receive his post!’ 
Parent of a Young Calibre member 

Audio books mean children won’t miss out.


October 21, 2019

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