PC Werth. Creating a Sound Learning Environment

PC Werth are the UK's leading supplier of classroom audio solutions. We specialise in providing the best learning environments for education, by combing the very latest technology in sound amplification with our acoustic solutions. We also have a wealth of experience in Personal FM Systems which bring the sound directly to student’s hearing aids, enabling them to fully participate in lessons.
Our portable and fixed Soundfield systems are designed to help the smallest classroom to the largest hall. Exceptional sound clarity of both soundfield systems means that the teacher’s voice is evenly distributed around the classroom with no dropouts or interference leading to less voice strain, pupils’ higher engagement and classroom performance.




 PC Werth have more than 25 years of experience in fitting Soundfield systems. We have installed over 6000 soundfield systems nationwide. Using specially designed professional grade components means that they deliver excellent results over the long term – ensuring that you get the best return for the investment.



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January 13, 2017

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