PROACT-SCIPr-UK® - Reducing the Need for Restraint and Restrictive Intervention 

“Reducing the Need for Restraint and Restrictive Intervention” (HM Government 2019) states that “Every child and young person has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.” This document provides a framework of core values and principles of support which include a proactive approach to support children and young people whose behaviour challenges and a reduction in the need to use restraint and restrictive interventions. 
Children’s Services and schools need to ensure that both their practice and training reflect the requirements of this guidance – this is where Loddon Training & Consultancy can help you! 
Loddon Training & Consultancy provides training to support individuals who may challenge. The training is a whole approach with an emphasis on getting the conditions right for the person, enabling them to grow and develop, and to reach their full potential.
The approach is dynamic and based on skills and knowledge gained over 30 years supporting children and young people in a residential school for individuals who have experienced many failed placements as a result of their challenging behaviour.
All training considers the communicative function of behaviour and starts with: ‘the purpose of our behaviour is to get our needs met’. This enables course participants to begin to reflect on any behaviour and understand how behaviour serves a purpose. We move on to consider function of the behaviour where we consider a team approach to problem solving and conclude with the development of a Behaviour Support Plan to address all aspects of the individual’s likes, dislikes, and support needs, finishing with a set of guidelines to ensure consistency of support.
The plan is divided in to four core areas: Proactive, Active, Reactive and Post Incident Support. This will emphasise the use of Positive Behaviour Support and emphasises the importance of reducing the need for physical interventions and PROACT-SCIPr-UK® graphrestraint, illustrated in the Figure 1 The PROACT-SCIPr-UK® Gradient below.

We also provide practical workshops on “Understanding Behaviour”, “Communication” and “Autism” which are designed to develop problem solving and enable staff to understand the specific needs of their pupils.
The “Autism” course considers theoretical information including ’Theory of Mind’. The course is practical aiming to provide an increased understanding of issues associated with autism and provides suggestions for appropriate support.
 “Understanding Behaviour” considers behaviours of concern and supports an understanding of behaviour and how to provide effective support.
The “Communication” workshop increases awareness of communication, developing an understanding of the issue’s pupils may encounter.

So why not give us a call on 01256 461273 or email us on to discuss your training requirements? 

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November 11, 2019

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