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Stickman Communications has a unique approach to disability which has grown from cartoonist and founder Hannah Ensor’s personal experience of living with hypermobility type Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Her view of disability as ‘differently normal’ takes it away from hospitals and political correctness and into real life; opening the lines of communication using humour, insight, and stickmen. Her quirky but accurate cartoons have made her an internet sensation, popular with people of all ages, both with and without disabilities.

“Utterly inspiring and hilarious, she's changing perspectives on disability in a fabulous way."


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Have you ever said “please go away” and seen people react by attempting to give a hug, or asking lots of questions, when all that was actually needed was what you’d asked for? Fed up of this kind of scenario, where it isn’t so much the ability of the individual to speak, but the ability of a listener to take on board what is said, Hannah created her first keyring cards which proved popular and effective - resulting in a constantly expanding selection of cards covering various topics including; allergies, anxiety, autism, diabetes, digestion, bladder and bowel issues, fatigue, general disability, hypermobility, narcolepsy, pain, pacing, relaxation and tourettes.
“I am very pleased with the keyring cards, it will make days out better if I have a funny turn and can't communicate properly the cards will explain for me.”
“A humorous yet informative take on disability that defuses awkward situations where communication can be difficult.”

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These durable laminated cards have been joined by a whole range of stickman products (bags, books, wristbands, fridge magnets, leaflets, posters, stickers, T-shirts and more) which enable communication about disability with style, accuracy and humour, promoting acceptance and empowering individuals.




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“These ‘Today is…’ wristbands have a real effect on my everyday life. Small children take one look at these and instantly understand what they mean. I didn't need to explain at all and now they (and anyone else) can see how I'm doing at a glance. They've almost entirely eliminated that really awkward moment someone asks "So how are you doing, really?"”
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To keep up with what Hannah's doing and get the latest info on new products as they're evolving, see her blog, twitter profile and Facebook page.

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