Strider ® - Get your school riding on two wheels!

As the largest specialist manufacturer of balance bikes globally, Strider ® work with instructors and organisations across the world, to teach people to ride. We even run a series of events and racing for all abilities in over 50 countries.

So we know a thing about working with people riding our bikes.

A balance bike for every age. Correct fit is important:

The range of Strider 12”, 16” and 20” Sport Balance Bikes covers the toddlers though to adults. Lightweight bikes with handlebars and seat heights that adjust quickly using a simple lever.

New for 2018! – Put the pedals on.

The Strider 14X Sport Balance to Pedal Bike is changing how we teach children to ride.Strider ® - Get your school riding on two wheels!

Using the Easy-Ride Pedal kit, the bike can be converted easily and quickly from balance mode to a lightweight adjustable pedal bike for all children aged 3 to 7 years.  

Schools using Strider Bikes benefit from:

10% off all bikes and free delivery across the UK and Ireland.

Free Support with access to free PDF lesson plans ranging from Early Years and including All Inclusive lesson plans. 

Easy build bikes that spares are designed to be as maintenance free as possible. 

Spare parts available to refresh the fleet as required.

Access to CPD courses and Strider instructors that can deliver within your setting if required.

"Starting on a STRIDER Bike can assist children with special needs in transitioning to a regular, two-wheeled bicycle without the anxiety of falling or using training wheels."

-Dr. Andrew Shim, Briar Cliff University
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November 30, 2018

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