Supporting troubled children to learn, relate, know true calm and use life well

On Saturday 21 September 2019 The Centre for Child Mental Health London will host a conference on Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI), an innovative neuro-behavioural approach designed to help professionals and parents address the needs of particularly troubled, challenging and hyperactive children where often all else has failed. Led by Occupational Therapist Éadaoin Bhreathnach, creator of SAI, the conference will explore the connections between sensory processing and attachment issues, using moving video footage of case examples to illustrate how children and teenagers can be helped to regulate their emotions and bodies for optimal wellbeing and functioning.

Troubled children often have underlying sensory processing issues which are a major cause of their inability to settle to learn and to behave in school. They find it hard to organise and act upon information received through the senses. They may feel overwhelmed and experience sensory overload, which can lead to all manner of learning problems, along with anxiety, depression, other mental health issues and difficult behaviour - frequently misinterpreted as ‘just being naughty’. Children and young people with attachment issues struggle to form emotional bonds with others, particularly primary caregivers. 

The conference will be packed with practical advice and strategies for school staff, parents and professionals to learn how to regulate children with sensory and attachment needs emotionally and physically so that they are no longer overwhelmed by sensation, emotion and everyday experiences. Éadaoin will demonstrate exactly how SAI provides enriched sensory and attachment experiences for troubled children and teenagers, why it is so effective and how it can be implemented at home and other settings. Éadaoin will also present a neuro-behavioural analysis of how sensory processing difficulties can result in particular behavioural problems. Finally, she will address food and the way it triggers certain emotion neurochemicals as well as the use of specific sensory-attachment diets and play to match the needs of individual children.Teacher high-fiving a troubled child

Delegates will learn how to:

differentiate between sensory and attachment-based behaviours

match regulating activities to the individual child

adapt sensory processing interventions for attachment-trauma, with interventions specific to the emotionally avoidant child and the emotionally reactive child

recognise the sensory-attachment needs of troubled children and teenagers

set up a therapeutic sensory attachment environment (including key play equipment) at home or in another setting

use play and diet interventions to regulate senses

make SAI assessments

facilitate parent-child co-regulation

For over 15 years The Centre for Child Mental Health London has provided Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes and training for child professionals, schools and teachers keen to improve the emotional wellbeing of children and teenagers, their behaviour, educational engagement, outcomes and lifetime aspirations. Headed up by Dr Margot Sunderland, eminent child psychologist, psychotherapist, neuro-science expert and author, its mission is to interrupt the trajectory from painful childhood experiences to mental and physical health problems in the teenage and adult years.

To book your place online, please complete the form here. The cost per delegate is £183.


June 27, 2019

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