Trust’s Pupil Parliament nominates three charities to benefit from fundraising efforts

Focus-Trust’s fifteen primary academies vote for Shelter, Diabetes UK and Nepal Village Foundation

Thirty pupils from Focus-Trust – a charitable multi-academy trust established in 2012 and comprised of primary academies across Cheshire, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire – have recently come together to select the charities that the academies will support with their joint fundraising efforts across the year.

Two Year 5 pupils from each academy were elected to form a Pupil Parliament which meets termly. They met earlier this month to hear pitches from three national charities, Diabetes UK, Shelter and Nepal Village Foundation with a view to choosing one of them to support.

Following the pitches the final decision went to a vote and, in the end, it was concluded that the academies would raise money for all three charities through a series of fundraising events held at each of the schools during the year as well as one, Trust-wide, charity day that will see the staff and pupils ‘dare to wear crazy hair’.

The pitch event, which was held at Lyndhurst Primary School, Oldham, facilitated debate amongst the pupils as well as giving them the opportunity to ask inquisitive questions about the work that the charities are currently doing Trust’s Pupil Parliament nominates three charities to benefit from fundraising effortsand, importantly, the pupils found out just what impact their fundraising efforts would make.

Donna Tandy, Academy Improvement Partner at Focus-Trust, commented: “This year, our Pupil Parliament expressed that they would like to work collectively on a joint opportunity to raise money for a charity.

“After working with the pupils to select three possible charities, we invited representatives in to pitch to the children and are delighted to now be supporting all three!

“I’m extremely proud of all of the pupils who were involved in this process; they all showed a real interest in charitable work and came up with some really innovative and creative ways of raising the most money possible!”



April 8, 2019

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