Using apps to help children with autism

Computer apps can be greatly beneficial to children with autism. Lelia Ingram, head of learning at Hopster says children with autism can be highly motivated, attentive and engaged when using technology, making it well worth the time to source quality,

She said: “Apps and interactive to perfectly recreate the experience of the unique requirements for children with games have the ability to a multi-sensory environment room - a special educational needs.
improve key skills in a range of calm place that helps reduce agitation She explains, “For example, vibrant development areas such as social and anxiety for children living with colour palettes can be distressing for and emotional, sensory, functional, autism, while engaging and delighting some children with a sensory processing language and communication as well as aiding stress reduction.”

Hopster’s new digital playroom is one such example designed with SEN children in mind, to help develop fine motor skills and facilitate schematic play patterns such as rotation and positioning.

The app is called ‘Sense’ and aims them. Combining a range of stimuli including lights, colours and sounds, it helps individuals engage their senses, all within a safe environment. In doing so, it offers a truly inclusive Woman using apps to help children with autismexperience with a focus on developing essential fine motor and sensory skills whilst promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being.

Leila says it is important to understand disorder. With that in mind apps that introduce a choice of colour palettes including more muted tones give them greater ownership of the game and a more enjoyable experience. A variety of music and sounds that are deliberately calming combined with suitable lighting effects also help create a relaxing and explorative experience.”
April 29, 2019

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