What a Difference Five Minutes Make

Research shows that children learn best when their self-esteem is preserved, and they are able to build up skills at their own pace. The Five Minute Literacy Box and The Five Minute Number Box have been designed as an early teaching system and screening tool for the detection of dyslexia, dyscalculia, and general learning difficulties in primary school aged children.

The need for simple steps learning, linked to a regular, consistent, multi-sensory style of teaching is behind the development of the Five Minute Literacy Box and Number Boxes.

Used with all children for a few minutes daily, from the age of school entry, the programme of teaching has been designed to cover the basic skills required for the acquisition of literacy and numeracy. They are designed for use by Teaching Assistants on a daily basis and requires nothing more than time.

The Five Minute Box

The Five Minute Box

The vital element of the Boxes is to identify at a very early stage, those children who are finding it more difficult to acquire these skills. The Five Minute Literacy Box can then continue to supplement reading and writing lessons at the children’s own pace.

The systems are separated into different areas so that a child can make progress in one area, while still being allowed time to completely master another area at a slower pace.

Motivation, organisation and self-help strategies are built into the programmes. Progress is divided into small steps targets, and is tracked and shared each session with the child. It is then easy to share progression with parents, the SENCO and class teacher.

Some Professionals comment:

“Never once has it let me or my pupils down…its simplicity is in many ways what makes it great” – John Dabell, Teach Reading & Writing

“… We have seen real results with these Boxes” – SENCO, Newark

The main benefits of the Five Minute Number Box are:

  • Good self esteem is maintained as children are supported from very early stages – before they have time to fail.
  • Children have an opportunity each session to share knowledge and progress.
  • Children manage the resources, encouraging them to become independent.
  • No need for lesson plans as the system is a continuous process through the skills in all areas.
  • Once a target has been met, the child automatically moves on to the next target.
  • No time spent in photocopying.
  • No set up time required – just open The Number Box and go.
  • Targets are on every recording booklet.
  • It provides a full record of a child’s progress over time showing areas of strength and weakness.
  • Children who are dyscalculic, or who need longer to attain the ability to work with abstract concepts, receive continued support on a regular basis.
  • The programme allows for progress at different rates in different areas of maths.
  • Children who may later be diagnosed as dyslexic or dyscalculic will have had multi-sensory teaching for their difficulties from starting school.
  • Any items lost or damaged will be replaced to ensure that The Box remains intact and useable.

For more information, or to order, please call 01442 878629 or email info@fiveminutebox.co.uk

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