Who really benefits from having a Canopy i2o ltd have the answers

Interview with Mark Cooper Sales Advisor i2o ltd & Little Miracles Sean Robson- Business Manager on Canopy's


How has Little Miracles benefited from having the canopy?


We are able to offer particular activities and equipment like the table football and pool table all year round now which we would only ever offer outside if we were guaranteed it was not going to rain. But, now we can just keep them out there rather than taking them out and putting them up and then packing them down again and bringing them in.

It’s the same with the toys as well, they can be used outside all year round. It helps us when its raining and then in summer it’s kind of the complete opposite where we have the benches outside under the canopy and the children can do art work, especially painting and be out there for hours but out of the direct sunlight and rays.


Several other community groups also use this centre other than Little Miracles so they would be benefiting and making use of the canopy when using the garden area for their own activities.


Has the canopy lived up to your expectations? Are the staff happy?canopy1


Yes yes absolutely. Whenever we are showing people around the centre we would always take them through the centre and comments would be oh that’s nice, that’s nice and then we would come to the garden, which is a nice area obviously its fine but, the canopy gives us a new talking point which we didn’t have before and a real positive one its areal show piece and a lot of people are commenting on it.


Can I ask about your initial contact with us and how you found working with i2o?


So we knew that we wanted something outside to keep the direct sun and the rain off and we looked at several areas with yourselves around the garden. After we agreed on an area one of your graphic guys designed the canopy and showed us some different roof styles and how it would potentially look. We knew we wanted multi colours and there was a few stages of back and forth with designs between ourselves and different colour combinations and ideas. We also had input from our centre manager Michelle who said about the colour sequences in the roof design. She was concerned that some users of the centre with OCD may be effected if the colour sequence didn’t follow a uniformed pattern. Eventually with a bit of toing and froing you came up with a design and sequence that suited everyone.


How did you find the installation process for the canopy?canopy2


Although I was not here for all of the installation, I know it went well. Things happened when they were scheduled. We remained open throughout the process and I know that the guys on site who were all CRB checked etc remained respectful of things going on around them. It wasn’t very disruptive at all. Things were completed on time, everybody showed up everything was sorted out.



Now you have the Canopy facility are their things that you do more or any events that have taken place because of the canopy?

No specific events but when we have BBQ’s and other outdoor activities it is a lot more comfortable for everyone now. Groups like the Scouts, the Families First Group and our private hire bookings we take for parties all have access to the Canopy area which I am sure they all make use of. With the Canopy being such a Show Piece it may sway or influence people to use us as our facility as it’s a level above what they were expecting in comparison to other facilities they may have looked at.



In your opinion what are the best features of the canopy?canopy4


Other than the functionality of the canopy it looks really nice in pictures which is obviously great for  marketing generally. We have taken new pictures of the outside area and used them on our website I believe.


And Finally I20 as a company that you dealt with, how was the overall experience Sean? Would we be a company you would use again if the need arose?


Yes absolutely! You guys went above and beyond to accommodate our needs in what we were asking for.

June 1, 2017

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