Yap Books Writes New Chapter In Classroom Reading With Voice-Activated App

The magical world of books is set to come to life with the launch of Yap Books - a revolutionary voice-activated App to help children read and experience stories.

Specifically targeted for children from reception to Year 6, Yap Books is bringing voice technology into the classroom to make reading more engaging and rewarding.

Developed by Midlands-based Yap Technology Ltd, the App features Yap Classroom, a multi-sensory learning platform where the reader's voice brings stories to life by triggering a variety of stimulating actions including animations, sounds, videos, images and digital content which is a completely synchronised to the story.

As part of the launch, the App has been made available free to schools for a limited time, providing teachers with the opportunity to bring this exciting new learning platform into their classrooms. The App can be downloaded from iTunes with plans to be in Android early in 2019.

Yap Classroom marks a major leap forward in the field of literacy assessment by utilising voice technology to listen to each child read and then generate an individualised data analysis from what is heard. This enables teachers and parents to gain a greater understanding of a child's reading level and ability. It can also help to identify achievement and to assist with the implementation of child centred interventions. The App is equally effective when taking a ‘whole class' approach.

The App also features the ‘Yap Library' which is filled with books, learning materials and digital content all of which is available to download directly into the app.Yap Books Writes New Chapter In Classroom Reading With Voice-Activated App

Originally designed by Yap Books developer and founder Benjamin Ridgway as a speech development tool for his own son, the App works with all children but also those that have individual learning needs including dyslexia, dyspraxia and speech development.
"The concept was born when I was exploring ways to help our son overcome delayed speech," said Ridgway.

"This prompted me to begin developing software that could provide instant visual feedback and animated rewards in response to his speech and pronunciation. My son seemed very engaged with this method and I believe that it has helped to develop his speech far quicker and more effectively than other methods we had tried.

"This has seen the Yap concept fully-developed into a product which is now available to help children of all ages and abilities, whether as a speech development tool, or to simply provide a more immersive reading experience.

"We're excited to explore the ways in which this creative use of voice technology can be developed further and are looking forward to working with creators and authors to deliver this exciting way of reading to a wider audience."

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December 12, 2018

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