New children's book out July 2019 with themes of diversity, STEM & friendship

New children's book - Stars Of Paradise

New children's book out July 2019 with themes of diversity, STEM & friendship - Stars of Paradise By Mary Obozua

The Wonderful Life of Daisy & Ewe (The WLDE) series is off to a colourful flying start…

What do you get when you mix an incredible flying machine that travels at the same speed of light, with exotic birds of paradise, and a singing contest? It's carnival time in Marshill and the stars of the new WLDE series for six to nine year olds springs into action from July 18th 2019!

Long-term literacy difficulties – what works?

Little boy with literacy difficulties reading in the library

Dr Susan Bodman is National Lead for Reading Recovery. Here, she discusses the 20-minute interventions and their impact on children with long-term literacy difficulties...

Every SENDCo is familiar with the impact of long-term literacy difficulties, both on attainment and social and emotional wellbeing of individual pupils and on the school responsible for meeting those educational needs. Literacy difficulties tend to be resistant to remediation without specific targeted response. This presents schools with a dilemma.

How classical music, movement and water bottles can improve maths and literacy

Water bottles on school desks

The authors of a new white paper have explained how their primary school intervention MiMo – Minimum Input Maximum Output – can improve maths, literacy and personal skills in short six-minute sessions.

Tamara Nathan & Myrom Kahaner published the white paper to outline their research and confirm that in just six minutes a day following the unique combination of activities of the MiMo Programme, skills in maths and literacy and many developmental areas can be enhanced.

The white paper states: “In 2007 England had plummeted from third to nineteenth in an international league table of children’s literacy levels and 2018 saw a slide to 49th.

New Horizons Children’s Academy receive SEND Inclusion Award

New Horizons Children's Academy students with SEND Inclusion Award

New Horizons Children’s Academy is celebrating after being the first school in the Kent local authority area to achieve the SEND Inclusion Award.

The SEND Inclusion Award offers mainstream schools the opportunity to review, develop and gain accreditation for their provision for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Specifically, the award concentrates on ‘outcomes’ for pupils and how schools can demonstrate the impact of their SEND provision.

Lexonik improves reading age by average of 31 months

Students and teacher using Lexonik

Internationally recognised literacy programme Lexonik has been praised by head teachers for its work with children from areas of high deprivation in the North West. A special education event was held at South Shore Academy to showcase Lexonik’s work in the region, with more than 700 students across nine Blackpool schools, as part of the Government’s Opportunities Areas project, which is supported by the Blackpool Headteacher’s Group and the charity Right to Succeed.

Lexonik aims to improve reading ages following six separate hour-long sessions.

Rolls-Royce and Discovery Education Launch Pioneering Partnership

Rolls-Royce and Discovery Education Aerospace Tent

Rolls-Royce and Discovery Education Launch Pioneering Partnership to Bring STEM Learning to Derbyshire Primary Schools

An exciting new partnership to inspire the next generation of scientists was launched at Rolls-Royce HQ in Derby on Friday.

Teachers from local primary schools visited the Rolls-Royce Learning and Development Centre to celebrate the start of the new initiative, which sees the company joining forces with Discovery Education to support STEM learning.

The isolation issue

A lonely boy in isolation
The isolation issue – how digital monitoring can help shed light on the dangers young people face online 

Comment from Adele Abbiss, Online Safety Expert at Smoothwall

Be it a rise in digital dangers, increased pressure placed on the shoulders of young students or simply a shift in the nation’s culture, disruptive behaviour in schools is on the incline and it’s costing thousands of students a quality education, impacting on exam results and placing at risk children in ever more vulnerable situations.

Spotting The Early Signs Of Autism

Little boy with Autism reading a book

THE PERSON-CENTRED APPROACH: an individualistic outlook for children with autism spectrum condition

When working with an individual with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), it is important to start with a holistic assessment of a person’s cognitive, sensory, motor and communication needs as a first step to positive outcomes. It’s crucial that staff know what’s important to the person, their identified needs, and what’s working or not working from their perspective. This information is gathered from the individual, who is at the centre of the process, as well as the people involved in their lives. This is called a Person-Centred Approach.

The Children’s Trust School

The Children’s Trust School

The Children’s Trust School is a non-maintained special school for children and young people with complex education, health, therapy and care needs.

All pupils are supported through personalised multidisciplinary programmes, created in partnership with their families and carers, delivered in beautiful grounds, set amongst a 24-acre site at The Children’s Trust’s national specialist centre in Surrey.

As a regional school we admit children and young people from a wide catchment area across the South East of England. We are able to support up to 44 children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) where neurodisability, including complex needs, require an integrated approach from a team of multidisciplinary professionals. 

Choosing a school for a child with special educational needs

Couple on a laptop choosing a school for a child with special educational needs

Amongst the most crucial choices you will ever have to make for children with special educational needs, is the selection of the right school. It should be stressed that, whatever sources of information you use or what advice you take, in the end the only valid choice will be one based on your own visits to the schools themselves and discussions with their staff, pupils and Heads. One of the key things you will certainly want to consider is which type of school would be most appropriate for your child. There are a number of options to choose from.


More pupils would benefit from implementing trauma-informed practice

School pupils in a classroom

Sarah Gillett, Chief Executive of ACE Schools Multi Academy Trust, an alternative provision and special school provider in the South West

At our Trust, we are always looking to innovate to ensure we are continuing to provide the very best possible educational standards for our pupils, whilst also delivering the high-quality social and emotional support they need. 

One key aspect of this is the implementation of trauma-informed principles across all our sites, including Courtlands Special School, particularly where pupils have experienced exceptionally high levels of trauma.

Minimum time for outdoor play at school is key to improving children’s mental health

Children participating in outdoor play at school

A coalition of organisations led by Learning through Landscapes is calling on headteachers to make 60 minutes of playtime the absolute minimum for every child on every school day. The charity, which leads the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) Outdoor Classroom Day campaign, says that a sufficient amount of time to play outdoors as part of the school day is the single most important thing that schools can do to tackle the growing crisis of mental health issues in children and young people. 

Captain Fantastic launches Feeling Fantastic

Captain Fantastic - Feeling Fantastic Wellness Class

Captain Fantastic is excited to announce the launch of Feeling Fantastic – the highly anticipated Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Resilience classes designed specifically for KS1 and KS2 children, to help them understand their feelings and develop life skills to manage their emotions.

Each year, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK suffers from a mental health problem and 75% of all mental illnesses start before the age of 18*. Captain Fantastic believe that creating well-balanced and healthy children who can learn to manage their emotions is equally as important to getting good grades, if not more. Their aim is to help every child to live a happy and well-balanced life.

The search for STEM in the real world

Children in a lab learning STEM subjects

Getting students interested in and excited about STEM subjects is imperative in today’s modern climate. The demand for a highly-skilled workforce is ever-increasing, but the reality is that too few graduates are entering into science, maths and engineering careers. In fact, research from 2018 showed that the skills shortage is costing the sector an estimated £1.5 billion a year. So, what can be done to bridge the gap? 

To truly inspire a young generation, we need to look beyond the textbooks and use real life examples to demonstrate their capabilities and prove that they can make a difference. After all, STEM is everywhere - you just have to look close enough. 

Tokens Help Enforce School Rewards Systems For Children With Additional Needs

behavioural support network Tockens for logo

TokensFor a leading plastic token manufacturer for schools, provides a behavioural support network and reward system, for children in schools who are on the autistic spectrum.

House point systems have long been employed in schools, proving to be an effective way of encouraging and motivating pupils. Intangible rewards, in the form of verbal or written praise, are commonly used, with most children understanding that a point from the teacher is equivalent to a merit.

LGfL and Adobe join forces to boost creativity in schools across the UK and London

LGfL and Adobe helping children with creativity at schools

Edtech charity London Grid for Learning and Adobe to equip thousands of schools across the UK – including over 500 secondary and 1600 primary schools in all 33 London boroughs - with free digital and creative software to help children develop skills for their future careers

EdTech charity LGfL (London Grid for Learning) and creative software company Adobe have joined forces to provide access to software that will help to equip the next generation of school children with skills to thrive in the future workplace.  

Autism Awareness Raised by wearing Silly Socks

Avant homes wearing Silly socks for Autism East Midlands

On Friday 5th April organisations around the East Midlands donned their silly socks in order to raise awareness of autism and fundraise for regional autism charity Autism East Midlands. Over 50 businesses from across the East Midlands took part. These included Rolls Royce, The Nottingham Panthers and Avant Homes. In addition 39 School, colleges and universities joined in with the fun.

The autism spectrum is wide-ranging, no two autistic individuals are alike as autism affects everybody differently. It can occur alongside other conditions such as anxiety, depression and learning disability.

Introducing Visual Stress Help by Claremon…

Introducing Visual Stress Help by Claremon…

We specialise in working with schools by providing tinted exercise books for children who struggle with writing and reading. We now also have a new line of 80-page, tinted books offering the best quality and value for our customers.

Approximately 20% of the population suffer from varying degrees of visual distortion.Colour has been proven to help in the perception of text. Our books help students who suffer visual stress alone or alongside dyslexia and other conditions.They allow your students to write on and read their own work on a tinted background with improved concentration and confidence by reducing the glare of the bright white paper.