6 Things Parents Must Do To Keep Their Families Safe Online

Today, parents are bombarded with confusing information on how to protect their families from online threats.

This is actually resulting in a phenomenon termed ‘security fatigue’ where people get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of online safety information given to us, that actually we get paralysed by the complexity of it all. As a result, parents end up having no protection at all.

Luckily, the reality is far more simple. CEO of SimpleCyberLife.com Jonny Pelter believes there are just a few key things to consider when it comes to fostering a healthy and happy digitally connected family home.

1) Set the ground rules: Establish a set of ground rules that the whole family can subscribe to can help everyone ‘buy-in’ to the responsible use of technology at home.  

2) Social media privacy settings - A public Facebook profile provides potential fraudsters with all the key information to commit identity fraud against you. We should all be reviewing our privacy settings for all social media sites on a regular basis, reviewing historic posts for sensitive information, only accepting friend requests from people you know in real life and remembering NOT to over-share.

3)  Maintain an Open & Honest Relationship – It's easier said than done, but try as a parent to maintain and open and honest relationship with your children and the use of technology in the home. 

4) Always check your accessories and background - Before you or your child captures any photographs or video content, ensure there is nothing personally identifiable in the background - family photos, posters, documents, Little girl at home being safe onlineschool uniform, etc.

5)  Keep phones out of bedrooms - Kids can end up squirrelling themselves away in their rooms, becoming more and more isolated as they endlessly scroll social media on their own. The solution? Buy a cheap Family Charging Station that can be placed on a hallway or corridor table. All family members can place their smartphones on charge before they go to their rooms, they are left outside and when they return to them in the morning they are all fully charged and ready to go! 

6) Webcam Covers - Consider whether any wifi connected devices with a camera are located in area where you or your family member may undress. This could included baby monitors, webcams on laptops and home security devices.   

It's important to feel supported in your endeavour to keep your family safe online, and simplecyberlife.com are the world's first membership network designed to provide accessible resources and expert advice, all in one place.


February 20, 2020

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