Worry no longer about children’s well-being

Recent studies and statistics show us children’s mental well-being needs to be given careful consideration and attention; charities with high profile backing are bringing the subject to the mainstream media.  However, despite this issue in a technically driven world, no new solutions have been available to support children, until now.

Having spent the last 20 years in the education system, I was excited and nervous when I was asked to leave my teaching career to work on an app project designed for children.  I was worried as I didn’t know anything else outside teaching, but also excited to be able to work on a project where my knowledge and experience across a range of teaching ages would greatly benefit.

Out of a simple conversation between parents at the school gates talking about children’s worries, the awarding winning Worrinots app begun its development.  The very first app specifically created for children between 5 and 11 years to help them cope with their fears and arm them with practical ways to deal with their feelings and emotions in private, helping children to have the best start in life. 

There has been much talk from the government about early intervention for children’s well-being; but what does it mean and how can we deliver it?Worry no longer about children’s well-being

The Worrinots are four characters designed to ‘make the fear disappear’ and provide an outlet for the child to share their worries.  The names of the characters weren’t chosen by chance, two of them Rip and Stomp are actual coping mechanisms child psychologists suggest children use when they are experiencing anxiety or stress, write it down and rip it up or write it down and stamp on it.

All four characters deliver their own individual poem bringing their character to life, offering instant gratification to children in their own unique way.  When children share their worries, fears and concerns with The Worrinots they become part of the child’s trusted network.

You probably wonder what happens to these worries, fears and concerns once children have sent them off.  WotNot is the Ofsted compliant monitoring app created for designated trusted adults to connect with The Worrinots app; this allows adults the ability to monitor their children’s worries, fears and concerns and respond to them in real time through The Worrinots characters. 

In addition to confiding in the characters, age appropriate Worri-tips have been co-written and verified by a BACP registered counsellor so children can turn to trusted tips and tactics in a secure environment to gain tips and coping mechanisms that can last a lifetime.  It is important adults know children are in a safe place, whether playing outside or in the confines of their own world on mobile devices.  The Worrinots app does not feature any in app purchasing, advertising or links to external websites giving adults that peace of mind when children engaging with the Worrinots app.

When children’s worries and fears are taken care of children are free to develop into well-rounded individuals.  As educators we know that when children have a healthy well-being and children feel safe and happy, they thrive in their academic studies.

Children don’t always volunteer their feelings, we seem to have to second guess what’s troubling them.  The internet is there; but that in itself brings about worry for adults, what are children looking at? Is it appropriate? Is the information right for their age?

The Worrinots has been created with security at the fore of every step of its development; 

adults can have complete peace of mind knowing children have somewhere trusted to turn to when they are experiencing times of uncertainty or difficulty, but don’t have the confidence to speak face to face to an adult. 

The Worrinots app has been developed to create positive long term well-being by offering early intervention and allowing children access when they need it, on their terms.  With each child having their own secure account they can be confident that their conversations are private, specifically for them in this much needed 21st century manner.

The Worrinots app can help deliver a consistent approach across all schools to encourage discourse around anxiety, worries and emotions, and from a young age too.  Children and staff can engage together to help reduce the long term impact for young children, whilst at the same time teaching staff can learn coping mechanisms too. 

When you combine the Worrinots with the school environment; parents and staff can feel assured children have someone to confide in, and feel at ease knowing the trusted tips are there for children in the secure confines of the Worrinots app.  

Worry no longer about children’s well-being


February 1, 2018

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