Raising awareness of Fire Door Safety Week 2019

Fire door safety week logo

Leading safety signage organisation, SafetySigns4Less, is ramping up awareness activity in support of Fire Door Safety Week 2019. 

Fire Door Safety Week was launched in 2013 in response to a legacy of fire door neglect. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the crucial role that fire doors play in protecting property and saving life, as well as increasing education on the proper maintenance and operation of fire doors to ensure their correct function in case of emergency.

How To Create & Increase Space In Classrooms

Literacy Loft - How To Create & Increase Space In Classrooms

How To Create & Increase Space In Classrooms

Primary School Classroom Lofts – 25% off (September offer)

Are you a primary school looking to increase your interior classroom space for learning & play? Educational Play are offering a ‘Back to School’ Promotion –25% off our Classroom Lofts for orders taken in September, pricing includes delivery and installation! *

Classroom Lofts’ add a new and exciting dimension to your classroom. As well as providing additional Classroom space, our Lofts provide a wonderful structure for a range of role play opportunities. 

Amongst other things our Lofts have been dressed up as Shops, as Caves and as Ships! They have also been used as quiet reading areas and numeracy corners.

Enhancing school site safety

Enhancing school site safety with road a "20 is plenty" road sign

Site safety is an integral part of any school health & safety plan. Children are often faced with dangers that are out of the control of the school, however, too close to not be part of the site safety planning. Examples of this are speeding drivers and drivers who park too close to the school entrance/exit. Although the school cannot physically control the irresponsible actions of drivers, there are products available, that if thoughtfully placed, can serve as reminders and help to reduce the risk of harm to pupils.

More than just a first aid supplier 

thermometer for first aid kit

Since the launch of Eureka! back in 2000, we have been selected by schools all around the UK as the provider of choice for first aid supplies. Over the years, our portfolio has grown extensively to meet the demands of our customers and their educational establishments. An example of this is our range of hygiene and facilities management products. 


Not only do we now stock sanitary towels, liners and tampons in response to the period poverty crisis, we can also equip your washroom with paper towels, dispensers and supply you with tissues. Alternatively, perhaps you are looking for a couch roll or clinical waste bin for your medical room. All of these products, along with many more, are available from Eureka! 

Think Eureka! when you think first aid 

Eureka First Aid Kit

Eureka! has been a leading supplier of first aid, hygiene and safety products to schools for almost 20 years. Our ever-growing product portfolio contains a diverse range of options, so you can be sure to find a quality solution that best suits your school and budget. 

Here are some of the reasons you should think Eureka! when you think first aid. 

Free delivery on ALL orders

At Eureka! we made the decision to reward our customers with free delivery on all UK mainland orders, no matter the order value. Orders received before 4.30pm will be despatched for next working day delivery unless otherwise specified. 

Easy ordering

We know your role is busy enough so have made it as easy as possible to place your order. 

Focus on a more sustainable school environment

A bench with room for a wheelchair in Bowland School

Glasdon UK Limited has 60 years experience in providing education establishments with products that are extremely durable, through the selection of high-quality materials. We offer a wide range of effective solutions to help you maintain a litter-free school, create recycling stations and enhance the school environment.

Glasdon sets new benchmark in picnic seating solutions

New Bowland™ and Pembridge™ picnic tables offer easy seating access for up to eight people in most environments. Their weather-proof, robust designs are enhanced by the rounded sections on all seats and table edges providing comfort and safety.

Gratnells Maker Family features in Future Classroom Lab

Gratnells Maker Family Trolley In Classroom

Gratnells, best known for Britain’s most widely used range of storage systems and iconic trays, has introduced its latest Maker range to a Future Classroom Lab (FCL) in Brussels.

The newly-refurbished FCL demonstrates the practice of learning zones, including a Create zone, where Maker activities take place and many leading brands of STEM resources are featured including Lego, MakeBlock and Pasco Scientific.  Over 2000 teachers each year visit the Brussels FCL for CPD training, to learn about the direction of development for classrooms in the 21st century – mobile, flexible, modular, multi-disciplinary, interactive, collaborative, etc.

Engagement & Reminiscence Packs© - Happy Days Dementia Workshop

Engagement & Reminiscence Packs© - Happy Days Dementia Workshop

We know that elderly people and young children are a great mix. We're hearing of successful school visits to residential care homes on a daily basis - and this of course is great news for everyone. At Happy Days, we are passionate about helping to bring the residential care community together; residents, carers, families, volunteers - and by joining residential homes with schools, a community spirit is being developed and strengthened more than ever.

Cosy covers from BundleBean – for everyday adventures in all weathers!

Children in wheelchairs with BundleBean covers

Enjoy easier days out with our Wheelchair cosies – that fit effortlessly on to all special needs buggies, manual and powered wheelchairs.  They come in two sizes – a child size suitable for 3+ years and an adult size recommended for anyone from 130cm tall to full size adult.  Child Size: 80cm wide by 1m long  and Adult Size: 90cm wide by 1.40m long (we suggest you check the length of legs and footplate before ordering).

Waterproof, warm and easy to stow in its own stuff-sac, these covers are super easy to fit in seconds - no need to remove harness or get out of the wheelchair to fit.  They come with a compact stuff sac for easy storage.

Save 20% on ALL school first aid orders with Eureka!

Save 20% on ALL school first aid orders with Eureka!

SPECIAL OFFER - Save 20% on ALL school first aid orders with Eureka!

Eureka!, a leading supplier of first aid supplies and equipment to schools, has just announced a special offer saving you 20% on every order placed until the end of July 2019.

Whether you are stocking up on instant ice packs for the summer, plasters and bandages for your first aid kits or looking to purchase your lifesaving training devices before the curriculum changes next year, you can make huge savings by placing your order now!

MakerHub joins the Gratnells family

MakerHub from Gratnells

Gratnells has launched the brand new MakerHub, the newest member of the Gratnells Maker family and the perfect addition to any science preproom, lab, maker space or STEM club.

Designed to be a double-sided, multi-functional resource trolley that promotes collaborative working in the classroom, the MakerHub is ideal for teachers, technicians and STEM coordinators preparing practical activities for their lessons. 

MI.MU launches musical glove aimed at children’s education

MI.MU musical glove

The MINI.MU can be made by kids aged 8+ with no prior experience and aims to inspire young people to apply their creative minds to technology. Each kit contains everything needed to build a glove from scratch, encouraging children to learn to sew, engage in electronics and code. The MINI.MU is built using the educational microcomputer the Micro:bit designed by the BBC in the UK. Once constructed, each MINI.MU glove can be used by children to make music using the movement of their hands, using the sensors in the glove.

MI.MU Managing Director Adam Stark said: “We can’t wait to see what kids will do with the MINI·MU gloves. We want to support young people in exploring music, technology, creativity and making and hope the MINI·MU will do just that”.

Top Tips for a successful MakerSpace

Gratnells MakerSpace trolley

In STEAM subjects, investigation and experimentation are an important part of learning, building confidence and inquisitiveness. Practical experience is already proven to have greater learning outcomes and better retention amongst students than structured teaching and lecture models, bringing the theoretical to life.

Teaching and learning through STEAM activities can take many formats, but all serve as a gathering point for tools, projects, mentors, and expertise. Activities can be personalised to any project that involves group collaboration - from coding and robotics to woodworking and art projects to science and engineering experiments. 

GFORCE Sportswear – Passion for Sport

Children wearing GFORCE Sportswear

GFORCE Sportswear is a cutting edge brand developed by Gymphlex Ltd that boasts more than 100 years of experience producing high quality sportswear and leisurewear. Its fantastic range of technical, high performance customised kit harnesses the latest design and manufacturing technologies to create either fully-bespoke or ready-made sports kits giving schools and teams across the UK the cutting edge on the playing field.

Consort Claudgen's Panel Heaters With Digital Heating Controls

Consort Claudgen's Panel Heaters With Digital Heating Controls

Consort’s PLE panel heaters feature an electronic timer which offers a 7-day programme with 3 heating periods per day. The concealed digital controls located on the side of the heater include an easy- to-read display, four large control buttons with audible and tactile feedback and an electronic lock to prevent tampering with the controls.

The Key Safe Company unlocks support for the education industry

The Key Safe Company with students

The market leader of mechanical security access products, The Key Safe Company, is revolutionising the way in which schools and colleges can access premises safely and securely.

Its leading Supra C500 is a locked metal box, which provides a secure method of externally storing keys to the exterior of a property. The Supra C500 can hold up to five keys and is regularly used within educational premises to gain access to buildings, classrooms and storage facilities. 

The product allows controlled access to anyone from caretakers responsible for the site, to teachers, support staff and out of hours cleaners. It ensures the facilities remain secure and can allow access in the event of an emergency, without encountering restrictions.

GFORCE makes its mark!

GFORCE teamwear

GFORCE Sportswear is a cutting edge brand developed by Gymphlex Ltd that boasts more than 100 years of experience producing high quality sportswear and leisurewear. Its fantastic range of technical, high performance customised kit harnesses the latest design and manufacturing technologies to create either fully-bespoke or ready-made sports kits giving schools and teams across the UK the cutting edge on the playing field.

The Benefit of Balance Bikes

Strider Balance Bike

Too often people with cognitive, restricted growth or developmental disabilities have been unable to ride a bike or have been told by doctors and other health care providers that they will never be able to ride a bike. With the proper bike and a proven method to learn, Strider®is changing this.

For the last 10 years parents and teachers of children with special needs all over the world have been approaching us so we know how life changing our bikes have been for their children. 

Balance Bikes are providing a means for inclusive social interaction and play. Suddenly, a child that had previously been sitting inside, while the other children rode their bikes is now riding right alongside their peers, grinning ear to ear. 

Strider ® - Get your school riding on two wheels!

Strider - Get your school riding on two wheels!

As the largest specialist manufacturer of balance bikes globally, Strider ® work with instructors and organisations across the world, to teach people to ride. We even run a series of events and racing for all abilities in over 50 countries.

So we know a thing about working with people riding our bikes.

A balance bike for every age. Correct fit is important:

The range of Strider 12”, 16” and 20” Sport Balance Bikes covers the toddlers though to adults. Lightweight bikes with handlebars and seat heights that adjust quickly using a simple lever.

New for 2018! – Put the pedals on.