Autism East Midlands

Autism Awareness Raised by wearing Silly Socks

Avant homes wearing Silly socks for Autism East Midlands

On Friday 5th April organisations around the East Midlands donned their silly socks in order to raise awareness of autism and fundraise for regional autism charity Autism East Midlands. Over 50 businesses from across the East Midlands took part. These included Rolls Royce, The Nottingham Panthers and Avant Homes. In addition 39 School, colleges and universities joined in with the fun.

The autism spectrum is wide-ranging, no two autistic individuals are alike as autism affects everybody differently. It can occur alongside other conditions such as anxiety, depression and learning disability.

New science laboratory opened at specialist school

Sutherland House School

The science facility, opened by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, will allow Sutherland House School pupils to get more hands-on during experiments and expands the range of qualifications available

Sutherland House School (SHS) officially opened their new science laboratory recently, allowing students a full and immersive experience into the subject of science and broadening the range of qualifications available at the school.