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Pupils with autism twice as likely to be bullied – what can teachers do? 

Tania Marshall, autism education expert

Primary pupils with special educational needs are twice as likely as other children to be bullied, according to the Institute of Education. Here, Tania Marshall, M.Sc., award-winning author, psychologist, AspienGirl Project lead for girls with Autism or Asperger Syndrome, and Autism Ambassador for Education Placement Group, specialists in education recruitment, discusses the key signs that indicate a female student with autism is being bullied as well as some strategies for preventing this harmful behaviour…

Education Placement Group – what can be done to stem the teacher exodus?

Robyn Johnstone, CEO of Education Placement Group

Robyn Johnstone, Chief Executive Officer, Education Placement Group – specialists in matching school staffing needs with the best available teachers and teaching assistants – discusses the need for flexible working conditions, such as job sharing, and strong professional support in the recruitment and retention of teachers… 


According to figures released by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, applications for teacher training courses fell by one-third this year – plummeting from 19,330 in December 2016 to just 12,820 in 2017 – a drop that will have a significant impact on schools across the country which are already facing considerable challenges recruiting qualified staff.