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Education app Quizlet can help pupils master any subject, says Matt Glotzbach

Education app Quizlet's CEO, Matt Glotzbach

Education for Everybody editor Victor Galligan asked former YouTube vice president Matt Glotzbach about his latest venture, education app Quizlet, which is used by 1million teachers worldwide…

When and why did you become involved with Quizlet? What was your inspiration?

Throughout my career, I have been focused on building engaging technologies that solve real-world problems. I had the fortune of working on the founding team of Google Apps, including Apps for Education, where it became clear how essential technology is to education. And as a Vice President at Youtube, I further witnessed the incredible impact technology has in giving people access to tools and information for learning.  

The tough transition from primary to secondary school, solved 

Primary school students in a science lesson

Going from primary to secondary school can be a challenging time for children and parents. There are so many mixed emotions and things to consider. However, there are ways to make this transition easier. Here the experts at outdoor education provider, Kingswood, explain how a residential could help. 

Transitioning from primary to secondary school is a time full of excitement and apprehension over new surroundings, new people and new found independence. 

While the transition can be easier for some children, there are others who will find the change, including making new friends and learning new skills, a daunting prospect. And although the move to secondary school can’t be avoided, it can definitely be prepared for. 

North Tyneside Secondary School Leads The Way With Mindfulness Workshops

Emma at a mindfulness workshop

MINDFULNESS workshops have been introduced at John Spence Community High School in North Tyneside to educate young people about the importance of social and emotional learning.

The Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) is being delivered to students in year 9, for those aged between thirteen and fourteen, and forms part of the school’s curriculum, supporting its existing PSHE teachings. 

The course was sponsored by John Spence’s partner First Class Supply who selected the school to trial the mindfulness programme. The programme is designed to help young people have an easier experience both at school and at home through gentle training in qualities of attention and attitude. 

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