Win a Personalised Nursery Rhymes Book with In The Book!

My personalised nursery rhyme book

Education for everybody have teamed up with In The Book to give you a chance to win your very own personalised Nursery Rhymes book. In The Book specialise in personalised books starring your child. Written directly into the book, your child’s name appears on the cover and is featured throughout the hand drawn illustrations. They’ll be starring in their very own personalised story alongside their favourite storybook characters.

They cover a huge range of books for babies, toddlers, young adults and adults, offering a unique collection of books made just for the individual. Working with big brands, there’s hundreds of books to choose from and to personalise such as Disney favourites like Moana, Cars, Toy Story, Tinkerbell and so many more.

How speech recognition is unlocking new opportunities for students with dyslexia

Dyslexia aids: Mark Geremia is the VP and GM for Dragon Professional and Consumer at Nuance – the software giant that's at the forefront of accessible technology.

Mark Geremia is the VP and GM for Dragon Professional and Consumer at Nuance – the software giant that's at the forefront of accessible technology. Here, he discusses the latest advances in speech recognition technology…

Writing and reading are two activities that many of us take for granted. They are among the first things we learn in the classroom and, as such, they play a large part of the subject matter taught throughout our entire schooling. 

Use of technology in schools does not on its own improve students’ digital literacy

Students using computer technology to improve digital skills

New research published today by the Nuffield Foundation finds that computer use in schools does not on its own boost digital literacy or exam results. While personal ownership of digital devices by pupils continues to grow and starts at an increasingly earlier age, there is relatively little use of digital technologies in schools beyond the study of computing itself as a subject.

Growing up digital examines how digital technologies are used in schools to enhance learning and identifies research questions to inform better practice and policy. The study warns that without curriculum reform and more opportunities for teachers to develop their own digital skills, students will be unprepared for the workplace.

Gratnells Maker Family features in Future Classroom Lab

Gratnells Maker Family Trolley In Classroom

Gratnells, best known for Britain’s most widely used range of storage systems and iconic trays, has introduced its latest Maker range to a Future Classroom Lab (FCL) in Brussels.

The newly-refurbished FCL demonstrates the practice of learning zones, including a Create zone, where Maker activities take place and many leading brands of STEM resources are featured including Lego, MakeBlock and Pasco Scientific.  Over 2000 teachers each year visit the Brussels FCL for CPD training, to learn about the direction of development for classrooms in the 21st century – mobile, flexible, modular, multi-disciplinary, interactive, collaborative, etc.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Redwings Horse Sanctuary Summer Club

Welfare is at the heart of everything we do

Redwings believes that every equine has the right to a happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect. And everything Redwings does is 100% funded by public donations.

Since 1984, the charity has become the UK’s largest horse sanctuary with over 1,500 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules being cared for every day at its farms across the country.

No matter how complex their health or behavioural needs, every equine is given a loving home for life at the Sanctuary, supported by its own Horse Hospital and veterinary team, as well as a specialist behaviour team.

Win a bundle of Billy the Bear cookbooks and teddies from Belling!

A bundle of Billy the Bear cookbooks and teddies from Belling!

Education for Everybody has teamed up with family kitchen appliance providers Belling to give one lucky reader a Billy the Bear bundle for their class. This fantastic bundle includes six Billy the Bear charity cookbooks and teddies.

Belling have been one of Britain's most beloved cooking appliance brands for over a century. So, they know that cooking is a valuable skill that can give kids confidence and independence, as well as help them to develop healthy attitudes towards food. 

Engagement & Reminiscence Packs© - Happy Days Dementia Workshop

Engagement & Reminiscence Packs© - Happy Days Dementia Workshop

We know that elderly people and young children are a great mix. We're hearing of successful school visits to residential care homes on a daily basis - and this of course is great news for everyone. At Happy Days, we are passionate about helping to bring the residential care community together; residents, carers, families, volunteers - and by joining residential homes with schools, a community spirit is being developed and strengthened more than ever.

The Minister for Children & Families visits foster organisations

Left to Right - Jim Cockburn, Founder of the Martin James Foundation, Nadhim Zahawi, The Minister for Children & Families , Steve Stockley, Head of Service at Foster Talk

Nadhim Zahawi, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families, recently visited the Martin James Group offices as a guest of FosterTalk. FosterTalk provides independent support to foster carers and their families throughout the UK and is committed to the welfare and opportunities for children in care.

FosterTalk have been delivering the DfE’s Fosterline service since June 2013 and have established positive relationships with the incumbent Children’s Minister throughout those years of delivery. Since his appointment in January 2018, FosterTalk have sought the visit of the current Minister Nadhim Zahawi.

Specialist school celebrate school diversity week

Speak at Specialist school during school diversity week

Students and staff from a specialist school in Cheadle joined one million students and school staff across the country to celebrate School Diversity Week 2019 (1-5 July). Inscape House School, which supports young people aged five to 18 with autism, took part in the national celebration of lesbian, gay bisexual and trans (LGBT+) equality in education.

Inscape House School is part of the Together Trust, a leading charity that provides special education, fostering, family and community support to over 3,700 people across the North West. With a growing number of LGBT+ students, Inscape House School is getting creative to make school a place where every young person can be themselves and thrive.

Poio, the reading app revolutionising phonics learning

Daniel Senn, CEO and Founder of reading app Poio

Daniel Senn, CEO and Founder of reading app Poio, on providing a compelling, gamified alternative to traditional learning methods

As is the case for many founders, the idea for my company, Poio, came from personal experience. I was inspired to look into alternative learning methods following the birth of my son Leon, who was born with a hearing difficulty. I knew that as Leon grew, certain skills, like reading, would be more difficult for him to grasp in a traditional classroom environment; which led me to consider the fact that the way we learn and acquire basic academic skills hasn’t evolved in decades.